2020-2025 Global Digital Printing Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts

If you are associated with the digital printing business, you will be happy to know that it is currently one of the fastest-growing industries. Experts are forecasting it to grow at a Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 6.45 % over the period 2020 to 2025, which we find is pretty impressive. If you are wondering about the major trends, the following are some of the facts to look out for:

Development in technology driving the growth

The latest developments in digital printing technology enable the industry to deliver high-quality printing and make it all the more affordable. Additionally, one can have on-demand printing owing to the latest and most advanced technology. Laser printing has become all the more cost-effective; thus, the demand for it is growing fast. Apart from this, the printing output speed has also increased substantially, which has helped commercial printing immensely.

Variable Data Printing VDP technology has led to innovative printing.

In an age of killer competition, the latest innovations act as critical business drivers. In digital printing, too, a lot of innovations have come about. Amongst the many trends that have stood out in the segment, variable data printing (VDP) has brought customized printing solutions that have aided business growth across different sectors. With this, you can now have the customization of images, text, and graphics on each printed piece of their content. It is a revolutionary printing technology that has benefited all businesses massively and is one significant growth driver for digital printing in the current scenario.

Variable Data Printing Technology

Increased spending on advertising is contributing to digital printing sector growth.

When there is intense competition, you must have all the latest and most powerful marketing tools. In these highly competitive times, being able to impress and attract customers is one of the vital elements of success for any business. The result has been that along with the most relevant content for publicity and advertising, the presentation has become most critically important.

Here is where the latest digital printing techniques can come in handy. Now with the latest technologies in digital printing, you can have some of the most stunning content presentations on these advertisements and other publicity materials. They can make a big difference to any business and empower it to stay ahead.

China is leading the industry growth.

If you check, you will find that specific markets like China have shown a high level of enthusiasm and interest in new, data-based business models. These include digital platform solutions and end-to-end digitized value creation chains. As a result, there has been an enormous penetration of digital printing market analysis in the country, which has enabled local designers to have online access to over 12,000 folding carton designs, making the designing of packaging at the forefront of adoption.


To conclude, we can say that the digital printing market right now seems very exciting. So, if you are in the digital printing business, your future is indeed very bright.