Organic Food Market Growth 2023

When making organic food, you can’t use fertilizers made from sewage sludge, most synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, biotechnology, growth hormones, irradiation, or antibiotics. Agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed foods can all be grown organically. Organic does not mean natural. There is no official definition of what natural food is. But the food and beverage industry uses the word “natural” to indicate that a food has been processed as little as possible and doesn’t have any added preservatives. Some organic foods are also natural, but not all natural foods are organic.

Why are people buying so much organic food?

Organic foods are better for both us and the planet. The American Cancer Society says that environmental pesticides cause 85 percent of cancers and not by genes.

Studies from the present also show that organic farming is good for the environment. It uses less water, and less poisonous pesticides, the soil doesn’t get washed away as much, and organic foods have more nutrients. Furthermore, the Food Marketing Institute reports that more than half of all Americans regularly purchase organic food.

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Better for you:

Most people choose to plant organic food, which won’t hurt the soil. Organic fertilizers can enrich the soil and give plants everything they need to grow. When plants grow in the soil safe for nutrition, they get more nutrients. Studies have shown that the amount of iron, magnesium, calcium, trace elements, and vitamin C in organic food is 25% to 500% higher than in regular food. Also, food grown organically has more flavor and more body.

Taste of Real Food:

Experts quickly point out that organic food can keep its natural ingredients because of how it is grown. No matter how cooked, as much of the original taste as possible should be maintained. And organic food grows in a green environment, which makes it less likely that diseases like avian flu will spread. Organic meat food is the best choice for all kinds of meat.

Taste of Real Food

Use of fewer chemicals:

In all kinds of organic food, there are usually only a few chemicals, so it does less harm to the body. This is because organic farming only allows a small amount of chemicals to be used in the growing and processing of food. This means that there are a lot fewer chemicals in food. Under the idea of organic production, no genetically modified organisms or products made from them are used to make any food. This makes sure that the food is healthy.

Protection of soil viability:

Today, pollution and soil degradation are getting worse and worse. Soil is the foundation of many of the foods we eat every day. If the problem of soil pollution isn’t fixed in time, there won’t be enough food to grow. And planting organic food will protect the soil better and keep the soil healthy, which is better for people’s health and safety.

 Final Thoughts:

In 2022, the Indian organic food market was worth USD 1238 million. Between 2022 and 2028, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 22%, making it worth USD 4082 million by 2028. This will give farmers an extra income each year, affecting about 5 million farming families.

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