Smart ticketing revolution as a multi-modal facilitator

Introduction: Before COVID-19, the digital transformation had already ushered in several benefits & advantages for those with little time to spare yet still want to tap into the best life offers.And one of those benefits & advantages was smart ticketing, a digital way to access & pay for services using electronic mediums like either via barcode reading or smartcard with mobile phones, debit cards.

What is Smart Ticketing?

Smart ticketing is the application & usage of microchip technology in smart tickets to facilitate a range of uses. Smart ticketing adopts secure microchip technologies to avail contactless payment methods using credit cards, debit cards, smartphones, or other AI-powered digital devices. It helps users access various payment options for more services over time. 

How is Smart Ticketing a Facilitator of a Multi-Modal Revolution?

(a) There‚Äôs massive sports, travel, tourism, entertainment & hospitality sector expansion & growth because of smart ticketing. 

(b) The smart tickets cut or reduce costs as they are efficient & productive ways for holidayers, tourists, and passengers to access services without haste or hassle.

(c) Smart tickets are a seamless mechanism & path for travellers to pre-load credit on their smart tickets for future use. A smart-ticket holder or user can recover and transfer money to another smart ticket when one ticket is lost or misplaced. 

(d) They are convenient, safe & reliable ticketing for various uses. Be it travel plans at any moment & smart tickets can prove helpful. 

e) Smart tickets have boosted travel and tourism sectors with the adaption of Artificial Intelligence. 

e) Smart ticketing drives multiple sectors as there is interdependence besides significant economic growth. 

f) It enables multi-modal industrial collaboration for various services & attracts tourists globally. There are mutual benefits as the interdependence of these sectors & industries is inevitable.

g) Travel & transportation expansion promotes tourism with high usage of smart tickets.

How Beneficial is Smart Ticketing in a Multi-Modal Word?

Smart ticketing has and is delivering many benefits & advantages across sectors & industries. In a nutshell, it is driving facilitating:

a) Faster, convenient, seamless & streamlined travel & holiday.

b) Reduced rushes and long queues at ticket disbursing counters.

c) It has availed flexible payment options for customers via electronic mediums & payment gateways.

d) It has promoted data security as microchips are in each ticket.

e) It has cut costs for ticketing booths, labour & stations.

f) Provide real-time insights from passenger-travel data.

g) It has enhanced updates & flexibility in seasonal fares.

h) Smart ticketing is eco-friendly & progressive for future mobility.

There are endless ways that make smart ticketing redefine the future today.


Today, the world is highly digitalized & services & products are accessible through online pay mediums. We live in an interconnected world where there are no extensive boundaries digitally. The smart tickets are facilitating a multi-modal industry revolution & interconnectivity globally. You can track the latest innovations and strategies in digital transformation with for the latest developments.