What Is Dunnage and Why Does It Matter in Ecommerce Shipping?

Dunnage is the safety padding you add to a package to make sure it is as safe as possible. It can last a long time and is usually made of materials that protect and cushion the product.

On cargo ships, “dunnage” is a more common term. They use floored dunnage to protect goods being shipped over long distances.Dunnage can be made of plastic, jute, wood, air pockets, etc. when it comes to packaging for eCommerce.

Most of the time, dunnage is used as filler between the product and the packaging material. A package can only be packed well if it has the right packaging materials and enough dunnage.


Importance of dunnage in e-commerce:

Why is dunnage important for shipping packages through eCommerce?

  • Moisture Absorption:

The most important thing that dunnage does in eCommerce packaging is absorb moisture. If moisture can easily ruin your product, you need to add something to absorb or block it. Material that quickly absorbs water and is hygroscopic can hurt us if it’s not packed with enough insulation.

  • Resistance to Shock:

A main concern when transporting goods by road or sea is the danger from bombs and shocks that the product faces along the way. So, if you are shipping something fragile, even small shocks can easily break it. Dunnage must be able to handle these kinds of shocks and keep the product safe on the way to its final destination.

  • Air-tight Packing:

Dunnage makes it easier to keep the package from getting broken and also reduces the stress on the package. So, when the customer gets the finished product, it is properly packaged and the packaging hasn’t been messed with. Dunnage keeps both the packaging and the product safe by balancing the forces from the outside and inside and absorbing any big shocks.

  • Air Circulation:

Some things need a lot of air flow while they are being packed. Or when they were opened, they might have smelled bad. Some clothing, for example, requires a lot of air flow inside the package to keep it smelling fresh.Dunnage lets you pack the shipment loosely while keeping it safe and letting air flow.

  • Weight distribution:

When the packaging boxes are bigger than the product, you may need to add stuffing to the package to spread the weight evenly. If you don’t, the product will keep falling over while it’s being moved.

Final Thoughts: Global dunnage packaging market forecast is crucial for both large freight companies and online retailers who use materials like bubble wrap, air cushions, crinkle paper, and recycled paper to wrap their products. Depending on what you’re shipping, the different types of dunnage can help you ship products so they don’t get damaged on the way to your customers. With the right packaging, you can also stop customers from sending damaged goods back, which no one wants. When looking at dunnage options, you should think about the types of products you sell, how they are shipped, how much they weigh, and how they can be packed. When outsourcing logistics, make sure to enquire about the dunnage alternatives available and the methods used to protect your goods during transportation.

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