Calcium Chloride Market Is Expected To Grow At a CAGR Of 5.2% FROM 2017-2023.


According to Stratistics MRC, the “Global Calcium Chloride Market” is expected to grow from $1.37 billion in 2016 to reach $1.95 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 5.2%. Some of the factors like increase in demand for de-icing agents, food preservatives and global demand for oil and gas industry are fuelling the market growth. However, environmental regulations are hampering the market.

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Calcium chloride, chemically known as CaCl2, is an inorganic salt which is highly soluble in water. It stays as a colorless crystalline solid at room temperature, however it is deliquescent in nature. Apart from this, it is also found as white granules, flakes or powder. Moreover, as calcium chloride is hygroscopic, it is kept in airtight containers and used as a desiccant, i.e., a drying agent. It finds various applications across diverse industries such as medicine, food preservation, agriculture, metallurgy, paint, rubber, oil-well drilling and transportation.

Opportunity: The rise in construction and mining activities would provide ample opportunities for the market growth.

The applications of calcium chloride as a dehumidifier and concrete accelerator have increased its demand, primarily in the concrete industry. A increase in construction and mining activities, particularly in the developing countries, has propelled the sales of calcium chloride since it is largely used as a dust controlling agent. Additionally, as it can lower the freezing point of water, it is used as a de-icing agent on roads, pavements and sidewalks during winters. Consequently, it is widely utilized in regions which experience heavy snowfall, such as Europe and North America. Furthermore, the liquid form of calcium chloride is a common raw material that is employed as a drilling fluid in the gas well drilling industry. Increasing demand for oil and gas from numerous countries has impelled the sales of calcium chloride across the world.

Driver: The growing demand for food & beverage processing industry is driving the market growth.

Rising demand for food & beverage processing industry will fuel calcium chloride market demand. The product is used to increase firmness and shape of fruits & vegetables in cooking and processing. It has a range of other applications in food & beverage industry consist of, sodium alkalinity elimination from water used in beer formulation, rising size and strength of curds in cheese production and used as a refrigerant for ice-creams. The huge calcium chloride adoption rate in food & beverage industry will augment calcium chloride market enlargement.

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Depending on product, liquid grade segment is expected to grow at the significant market share during the forecast period. Liquid grade up to 35% is used with rock salt for snow and ice control.  Calcium chloride reduces the repetitive and frequent application of salt by 40%. It remains active for longer duration, thereby preventing ice from bonding with pavement or road. Calcium chloride in its anhydrous form is an economical drying agent and very important for drying processes in laboratories

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to hold considerable market share during the forecast period:

By geography, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to hold considerable market share during the forecast period owing to rising calcium chloride market demand from several end use applications. In addition growing demands for calcium chloride in various applications such as completion fluids & drilling fluids. Calcium chloride is also used as a pH buffer for swimming pool water; it helps regulate the calcium hardness of the pool water. The others application segments such as agriculture, food, & medicine are expected to spur the global market demands for calcium chloride in the near future.

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Some of the key players in Calcium Chloride market include TETRA Chemicals (Tetra Technologies, Inc.), Ward Chemical, Tiger Calcium Services Inc., Weifang Haibin Chemical Co. Ltd., Weifang Taize Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Zirax Group., Qingdao Huadong Calcium Producing Co. Ltd., Solvay, BJ Services Company, Aarti Industries Limited, Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem) and Tangshan Sanyou Group.

TETRA Chemicals: In March 2016, TETRA Chemicals partnered with Banner Chemicals to bring high quality, reliable supply into UK Industrial markets, offering enhanced support to our customers’ needs. Banner Chemicals and TETRA Chemicals Europe AB are proud to publicize their partnership to produce, promote and distribute liquid Calcium Chloride, into UK Industrial markets.

Solvay: In August 2019, Solvay partnered with Michelin to develop a successful energy efficiency methodology for their tire manufacturing plants the same methods proved less effective for their chemical plant in Bassens, France. Michelin Bassens is specialised in manufacturing synthetic rubber, which is then mixed with Solvay’s silica this upstream activity supplies most of Michelin’s European tire manufacturing plants.

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