Low Power Next Generation Display Market Is Expected To Grow At a CAGR OF $XX Million FROM 2016-2022.

According to Stratistics MRC, the “Global Low Power Next Generation Display market” is accounted for $XX million in 2016 and is expected to reach $XX million by 2022 growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period 2016 to 2022. Rising environmental concerns coupled with better image quality had raised demand for the Low power next generation display. The technological advancement in display sector and demand for less power consuming display units are some of the factors responsible for the growth of the market. However, heavy cost of manufacturing the display units had restrained the market.

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High resolution displays with low power are measured by many users to symbolize the low power next generation display technology. The development in nanotechnology and optoelectronics has transformed the next generation display. It includes less power than cathode ray tube (CRT) and plasma technologies. There are diverse display technologies such as 3D, touch screen, supple and translucent displays. Moreover, there is vast demand for low power next generation displays for portable devices such as tablets, mobile phones which requires the HD display with low power, Hence, display manufacturers are focusing on low power next generation display expansion.

Opportunity: Nanotechnology and advances made in optoelectronics have revolutionized the display market.

Environmental concerns are boosting the demand for green and low-power-consuming display systems. Most developments in the display market are not only aimed at providing products acquiescent higher quality images, but also at consuming lesser power. Though conventional display products are still popular in the market, this is creating a huge opportunity for the companies producing next-generation displays. In Addition, High growth opportunities can be acknowledged in emerging use cases including smart home appliances, smart displays, smart mirrors, emerging display technologies such as micro-LED and true quantum dot and smart wearable display segments that include AR/VR HMDs and smart watches. Television, automotive, and smart phone segments are also projected to offer high growth opportunities.

Driver: Growing adoption of OLED displays in smart phones and flexible display panels.

The global demand for high-end smart phones with large displays has contributed to the demand for OLED panels worldwide. Made from organic light-emitting materials, OLED displays do not necessitate any backlight and filtering systems. These displays are bright, thin, and lightweight and devour less power. Samsung Display is the foremost producer of small- and medium-sized AMOLED displays for smart phones and other applications. Moreover, Flexible display panels are flexible due to the lithe substrates used to manufacture them. The flexible substrate can be plastic, metal, or flexible glass; plastic and metal panels are light, thin, and durable, and are virtually shatterproof. Companies like Samsung and LG are mass producing bendable OLED display panels for smart phones, televisions, and smart watches. Though, these displays are not precisely supple from end-user’s viewpoint; manufacturers bend or curve these display panels and use them in end products. With the increase in the adoption rate of flexible display panels for smart phone and television products, would drive the low power next generation display market during the forecast period.

On the basis of ingredient, Quantum Dots segment is anticipated to grow at the significant rate during the forecast period, due to increasing demand for quantum dot in display devices and advanced features of quantum dot are creating scope for the quantum dot industry. Quantum dots are semiconductors that can be used for different devices as a substitute of searching for new semiconductor with special chemical composition. It is used in many sectors to improve the performance of the application. These are also used in display helps to convert the black light to pure basic light which improves the color gamut and display brightness. This technology is used in LED, LCDs, and other display technology. Moreover, Quantum Dots are used in solar cells to improve its efficiency and it is better alternative than any other cells as it do not give ascend to carbon emission.

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By geography, Europe is expected to have considerable market growth during the forecast period, due to increasing demand for next generation display in the countries in the region. The large consumer base of next-generation display devices in the Europe makes them the most attractive markets for display components and device manufacturers.

Some of the key players of the Low Power Next Generation Display market include Actuality Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Ge Lumination LLC., LG Display, Mechdyne Systems Inc., Novaled AG, Optotek Ltd., Pelikon Ltd., Planar Systems Inc., Polymer Vision Ltd., Proscreen Inc., Samsung SDI, Sony Corp., Tdvision Systems Inc., Toshiba Mobile Display Co. Ltd. and Universal Display Corporation.

LG Display: Jan, 2016: LG Display has introduced its cutting-edge technologies. The showroom will be divided into sections devoted to OLED and LCD display products, while separate zones will focus on the rapidly growing commercial and automotive display markets that offer new opportunities for the delivery of the company’s differentiated technology excellence. The showroom will highlight the key advantages of OLED, including its superior picture quality and its extreme design flexibility that makes it suitable for many different electronics applications and devices. The company will exhibit 65-inch and 77-inch UHD OLED TV panels that offer the ultimate picture performance in terms of contrast, color accuracy, and viewing angle.

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Universal Display Corporation: June, 2016: Universal Display Corporation has acquired BASF’s OLED intellectual property assets. of BASF SE, the world's leading chemical company. Largely consisting of phosphorescent materials and technologies, BASF’s OLED portfolio has an average lifetime of 10 years. This acquisition strengthens commercial development pipeline of new and next-generation OLED systems and bring additional value to the customers and shareholders.

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