Soundproof Curtains Market is expected to grow at a CAGR Of 9.7% from 2018-2027.


According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Soundproof Curtains Market accounted for $1.78 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $4.10billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 9.7% during the forecast period. Technological advancements in raw material, rising eco-friendly construction opportunity, and increased industrial automation are some key factors influencing the market growth. However, the price volatility of raw materials is hampering market growth.

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Soundproof curtains are audio handling to decrease sound. These long curtains are products made of soundproof resources that are hung straight along walls, adjoining to movie screens, and windows, or given as panels around noisy substance.

Opportunity: The factor such as improvement and advancement development in industrial machines to overcome noise pollution would provide ample opportunities for the market growth.

Quick developments in urbanization are the major sources of excess sound in the surroundings. Latest development in industrial equipment, moving systems, marketable activities, interior machines, structure activities, home appliances, and music performances can lead to conditions. According to the World Health Organization, noise levels of less than 70 dB are not harmful to living organisms but exposure for more than 8 hours to stable noise ahead of 85 dB may be dangerous. With this rising noise pollution, the need of soundproof coverings on windows and doors is expected to drive the growth of the soundproof curtains market.

Driver: Rising amount of volatility of raw materials being carried out by various countries across the globe.

The worth of raw materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, ordinary fibers, and sealants adds considerably to the manufacture cost of soundproof curtains. The cost instability of raw materials influences the price of soundproof curtains and their fitting along the supply chain. This poses a challenge for players, particularly new entrants, in establishing their trail in the market. This, in turn, hinders the growth of the market for soundproof curtains.

By type, the sound-insulating segment is expected to grow at a significant market share due to the popularity of this type of product. The basic theory of these curtains is that they reflect noise back in the direction of its cause of transmission. To do this, the sound curtain must be dense and heavy enough to block the traveling sound wave. To be a suitable curtain, it must also be light enough to stay elastic and retract when needed. The exterior of these curtains frequently has a porous surface that allows them to attract sound waves which make the room visibly quieter.

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By geography, the Europe region is anticipated to hold considerable market share during the forecast period. Travel and sightseeing sector development in European region chiefly in Germany, UK, France and Italy will push the market income. The government’s strict norms about noise pollution and increasing end-use industries such as housing, marketable and industrial are some factors stimulating the industry growth.

The Global Soundproof Curtains Market Leaders are Kinetics Noise Control, Flexshield, Sound Seal, Complete Soundproofing, Acoustical Surfaces, ZAK Acoustics, Amcraft Manufacturing, Steel Guard Safety, Lantal Textiles, Great Lakes Textiles, Acoustic Curtains, Haining Duletai New Material, SGF, Hofa-Akustik, and Eloise Control.

Kinetics Noise Control: In January 2020, Kinetics Noise Control acquired IT Stephens Group in conjunction with the contract, created a new company Catalyst Acoustics Group, which will serve up as a stage for an elite collection of acoustic, seismic, shaking and sound control companies that together offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market. Catalyst Acoustics grows the family of sound control solutions providers, which in adding up to Kinetics includes Sound Seal, IAC Acoustics, Noise Barriers and Lamvin.

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Haining Duletai New Material: In April 2020, Haining Duletai New Material launches useful fabrics products. These materials are used in lots of areas, such as hospitals, industries and businesses. They approach in singular designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. As a result, customers can be confident that they will locate any product they want on the products catalog. Correspondingly, these products are developed by a group of extremely experienced professionals who make sure that every detail and module is integrated into the product.

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